Friday, January 25, 2008

Random Post : Wu Zun Luvs His Food!!

Green Ice Cream!!ing? (Is it called Pistachio or something?)
Yummy Cocanut Juice!! ..or is it?
LOL Look at the guys in the back! They r weird!
Fruit is Healthy!
Take a Bit! NOW!
WoW wats is Angela holding?

ooo.. is that in a hotel or something?

Got to smell ur food before u eat it? lol
Happy 28th B-Day Wu Zun!!
Lots of Food!!

Mini Dsesert! So cute!
Eww its green!
um.. is he eating in a taxi? looks lyk one from Hong Kong. weird eh?

SeaFood! (Eww.. sry i h8 seafood!)

Spinny Table lol.
I luv Strawberries!

lol i c Jiro.. haha

Aww. Thats so nice of someone to make.
Wow is he going to eat that himself? lol

I wonder wat this is...

Yummy Soup!

Wow I think he realli wants the cake...
Lol it looks kinda lyk a volcano!

"Would you like some rice sir?" says Wu Zun

Time for a water break


At first I though it was chocolate lol.
Another water break plz
U can't see me.

Whats that?
Too busy eating!
Aaron & Chun eat together. lol
Aww. Aaron feeds him. lol so cute

Now this is the end to my extremely long post containing mostly pics. lol.
Thx for reading. Hope u lyked it.
Post comments plz! lol.

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naomi said...

chun realli does luv his food! how does he eat so much n remain so fit? sigh! must ask him for tips eh!